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"Why can't he just...." "I can never do anything right anyways..."  


How do we get to this place... from the carefree place we started out.  Where nothing else mattered but seeing her that day... where nothing else mattered but getting that sweet little note on your windshield wiper from him at night after working late...


You guys got married thinking that you could take on the world together, and now it seems like the world is bowling overtop of you.  Between kids, an jobs, managing finances, and dealing with extended family drama... "Sometimes it just feels like there is not enough time for us." I have heard that line over and over.  


There is passion and romance buried underneath the heaviness of life.  And there is a MORE blissful connected marriage underneath the dust that has settled in your marriage. Infact, underneath the hurt, resentment and stories you are carrying about your marriage, it is completely possible for each of you to fall MORE in love with each other, than you were the day you were married, or the day you knew that you wanted to be with each other for the rest of your lives.


And the doorway is intimacy, what I like to break down into three words: INTO/ME/SEE.


Foundational to our ability to connect with others, is our ability to first accept and understand our own emotions, thoughts, and beliefs.... otherwise how can we expect someone else to?  When we are in full responsibility of our own well being, then that allows us to be in a place to REALLY see our partner, see them for who they are, with all their emotions, thoughts and beliefs.


Get deeply committed in your marriage. 


Create a foundation that NOTHING can deteriorate.


Create a safety within each other where war and hell can rage around you, but the two of you, you can handle anything together.


Have fun together again.


Explore ALL levels of intimacy, emotional, mental, spiritual and physical intimacy in exstatic ways.


Create a relationship where you ALWAYS know who is your number one fan.


With this kind of marriage, the sky is the limit.  Your children will see the kind of love that is possible in this life (something MOST of us never got to see....) Strong marriages create strong families, which create strong communities.  Your children's, children... your great-great grandchildren, will thank you in the eternities for being willing to face this brave fight, and conquor it.


Sound too good to be true? I dare you to find out for yourself...


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BETA Marriage Coaching Program for Couples