Love Letters



Homeschool Mama and Alternative Health Coach

"...and now my husband is my number one fan."

After 30 years of marriage neither of us were experiencing joy and more or less tolerating each other.  I didn't feel heard or appreciated and definitely not the “loved or cherished” that romantic couples talk about. I never asked for anything and tried to do it all just to make him happy but it didn't work and I felt lost.  I decided to invest in myself.  I discovered that I am worthy of being a cherished and beloved wife… and now my husband is my number one fan. We finally speak the same language and we are there for each other in a beautiful way. This weekend we are going on our honeymoon at 33 years in, and I'm over the moon thrilled!! I know this wouldn't have been possible without working with Melisa.


Retail Clothing Business Owner

"We left most sessions actually giggling with each other!"

My husband and I hired Melisa to bring our marriage to a stronger level of love and connection. She showed us how to utilize our different personalities and love languages. Melisa made us feel comfortable. She talked to us like a trusted friend. My husband and I left most sessions actually giggling with each other and we now feel more connected and happier than ever! Thank you Melisa for showing us all the tools we needed to have the best marriage possible!



Stay-at-home Momma

"I recognize a confidence that wasn't there before."

Today, because of  coaching with Melisa, I am not even triggered by things that would have grabbed my heart, brought me to tears and made me feel bad, not good enough, and guilty as a mother and wife... I feel so much more aware of my positive feelings and I recognize a sense of self-forgiveness and a confidence that wasn't there before.  



Face Painter 

Having the right guide (coach) has been absolutely indispensable. I sensed a certain energy about Melisa that spoke to me and it said, “this person is really going to hear me, get me, and help me.” I followed my gut and never looked back. 



Stay at Home Momma and Catholic School Teacher

"I have broken through from serious fear, to playful courage with intimacy!"

Melisa is an absolute Godsend! I have struggled my entire life with shame & fear around intimacy.  Nothing was ever enough & spent my time trying to make everything perfect!!! It was so exhausting!! Melisa inspires me to break free from this perfectionist mindset and shaming & blaming myself that we all get trapped in. She has taught me how to move from “doing in a frantic rush,” to just being human in the moment and honoring my feelings. She helps me build compassion & unconditional love for myself so I can spread that love to my family!  And I have broken through from serious fear, to playful courage with intimacy! I recommend Melisa for any woman who wants to be the best version of herself and be truly authentic!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a genuine, compassionate, loving coach! You have a gift!



Stay-at-home Momma and Beauty Confidence Mentor

"I have come to see myself in a whole new divine light."


Compassion and love are two of my strong suits... That is, for everyone else but myself! I am my own worst enemy! I have this bright light inside me that is bursting to shine out but my insecurity, self-doubt, and negative self-talk keep me in-hiding. When Melisa came into my life, I was seriously struggling to love myself, and it was obvious to anyone close to me. I had major hesitations to signing up for Melisa's course because of money and belief in myself. It was not at all on my radar. I was so buried in myself that I couldn't see the miracle sitting right in front of me! I am so grateful I took the leap! Sometimes those leaps of faith can be terrifying (and this one was!), but the reward is worth the risk! Through Melisa's guidance, and my willingness to give it my all, I have come to see myself in a whole new divine light. I now recognize my worth, and I have a whole arsenal of resources to support me in uncovering my purpose. I am opening a new chapter in my life where I can become who I am meant to be, unrestrained, as I harness my own divine power.

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