Invest in You

Three month, six month, or nine month packages available.  Find rest and expansion for your soul. You do it all, you are there for everyone, and yeah, they need you.


YOU need you most. It's time to give that to yourself. You know who you really are, time to live it. 


Complete this intake assessment to book a free consultation call with Melisa. Then choose a time from Melisa's calendar. 


Six month or nine month packages available. 

This is for those desiring total unity and intimacy in your marriage.


This is only for those couples where both partners are open and ready to work together. 


To be considered for couples coaching, please fill out this application. Then choose a time that works for both of you to be on this video call.

Melisa Keenan has tremendous life experience combined with a gift for story telling. She boldly guides the audience through their own personal walls and blocks and then coaches them to the wisdom and confidence within themselves.  Melisa only does speaking events in the format of story telling & coaching. She has spoken to women and couples in relationships, relationship marketing, personal empowerment, trauma recovery, and faith and inspiration.  


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