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Reawaken the innate intimacy of your soul.

It is part of your Divine DNA

If you are like most married women, some of this will sound familiar

  • "I have to be the strong one..." So you don't share your feelings... But inside you are screaming...

  • You say "Yes" when you really mean "no"...whether to sex with your spouse, or just one of your children who wants something from you...

  • Or... you find you are always just too tired!! Especially too tired to connect with your spouse at night... but you manage to stay up scrolling facebook until midnight... 

  • You just want to be on the same page, the same team... FOR ONCE!!!

  • With girlfriends you never feel secure. You are always wondering why they don't seem to reciprocate the same deep care and concern that YOU show for them.

  • You find yourself up late at night, overwhelmed, and taking out all your frustration on the tiny crevices of the kitchen tile grout. Control and Perfection are the name of the game... and it's never good enough.

If any of these are true for you it is completely understandable why you have lost track of your feminine radiance, your innate joy, or your natural pleasure in life.


Some of the most kind hearted, service oriented women, wives and mothers are deeply unsatisfied.  

Intimacy is an integral part of our being... our soul longs for intimate interaction. 


Without it, we find ourselves isolated and Alone, by walls of our own Making... 


With it, we find our own heart wide-open, embracing the intricacies and beauty of life and our relationships.


Welcome to



Without losing everything that matters most to you.

NO more blank stares behind your cell phone while falling asleep at night, wondering if you are ever going to really connect again...

NO more frustration over never getting what you want...

You can embrace your feelings and desires and fall into your own open heart. 

You can become the container for all of this beautiful, messy, playful, amazing, chaotic thing we call life... and LET LIFE FLOW THROUGH YOU.


There is a lost doorway to joy, that every woman should know...

I can teach you.



Are feminine expressions that turn your relationships into passionate adventures.


Come naturally when you connect with Intimacy as a way of being.

"The intimacy sisterhood helped me look within with love, and find wisdom, instead of fighting with myself."

Since I began this course, I have had conversations with my husband I’d put off for years, and our intimacy and transparency continues to improve all the time.  Our relationship feels closer and more joyful because I know how to be authentic and, guess what? He loves the real me even if I freak him out a little sometimes, haha.  


So many courses out there give a push without taking feelings into account.  Belief work and mindset work is so much more effective when instead of blowing past feelings and hoping they will change, we sit with them and let them teach us something, without judgement, and then we are ready to shift.  It really fits together so nicely. I need that piece in my life for changes to stick.

-Alysia H.,UT, Home School Mama



Feeling so present with the people you love that you look forward to when they get home, and the time you will spend together.


Cultivating an openness to life, to love, to deep joy... no matter your circumstances.

Feeling happy with yourself; with all your nuances, feelings, and intricacies.

Receiving sex as true intimacy, with warmth and connection.

Enjoying closeness and presence.

Following the divine intuition that resides in your own heart... finally trusting that you are guided and SAFE in this life... YES!

"The intimacy sisterhood helped me emerge from my shell.  I am no longer stuck"

" When upsetting things happened before, I’d shut down emotionally, often for weeks or months at a time. I still fall down, but not as deeply, and I’m so much more able to work myself out of it. 


I would not have traded this experience for anything. I have grown so much in the past couple of months. I feel more like myself...like I’m becoming more like my actual self, who I was meant to be before I told myself it wasn’t good enough."


Having the right guide (coach) has been absolutely indispensable. I sensed a certain energy about Melisa that spoke to me and it said, “this person is really going to hear me, get me, and help me.” I followed my gut and never looked back. 

- Julie C. Face Painter in NYC


Oh sister I hear you.. It is so vulnerable to work on intimacy WITHOUT your spouse's immediate involvement.  You have felt

>>>> so lonely. 

>>>> so unsupported.

>>>> so scared and anxious.

And you want to know....

>>>> Can I ACTUALLY change my marriage?

>>>> Will this ACTUALLY make a difference for me?

>>>> Is this EVERYTHING that I need?

>>>> Will this WORK?

In my journey, I had the same questions.  I had the same fears and hesitations.  And through trial and error I am bringing you the very best.  


Even as an expert in intimacy, self-expression and relationships, Melisa still from time to time finds herself behind walls of her own making...

The goal isn't to get the walls to go away, it is to find connection THROUGH them. 

Walls are a part of the human experience... but we have guarded and protected ourselves so much that we have forgotten how to let people in at all!  Including ourselves!

Watch as Melisa describes a very personal journey with her husband CJ, leading to full consent physical intimacy.

As you watch, just imagine a conversation like this between you and your spouse...Can you see it?







2 months of LIVE Group Coaching Sessions held 6 Fridays, at 10:30AM Pacific Time. 3 weeks on, 1 week off

  • Via Zoom, so we can literally practice being seen!  "Into-me-see"

  • These are all about you:  "I'm frustrated with our finances, how does this apply?" "All we ever do is fight, how can we possibly change?" "I feel so....." 

  • Receive guidance back to the wisdom that is already within you.  Uncover what you already know deep down.  

  • Show up with an open heart in the sacred container that we create with each session.  


Unleash Your Heart; Step Out of Hiding! 1 each week over your 2 month Group Coaching Package

  • 7 powerful Sessions and corresponding course materials

  • ​This course become immediately available to you upon purchase. Receive guidance alongside sisters going through real issues. Receive perspective shifts, at your convenience! 

  • Lifetime access: Reconnect with this work over and over again.

private online forum  Encouraged at least twice a week participation

  • LIFETIME access to a movement of incredibly compassionate, courageous and empowered women who love to share in your stories and successes, your doubts and your triumphs.  Receive urgent support!

  • Connecting in this group will correlate directly to the speed at which you literally unleash your heart in your life! 


Mini-Video grounding exercizes Recenter right in the middle of your busy life

  • Feeling disconnected? Are your walls up? Choose from one of 7 mini-video grounding exercises. In less than 5 minutes you will be reconnected to the fascinating divine feminine being that you are.

  • Derived straight from the video course, these practices will become familiar and easy to reccollect even without the videos. 

A powerful sisterhod for support  we've got you

  • You'll be connected and engaged.  Our sisterhood celebrates, encourages and nurtures your soul as you learn to do this very thing for YOURSELF.  You are held through this process.




  • Feeling disconnected? Is your Play stuffed away?  What about your Intuition?  Choose from one of 7 mini-video grounding exercises. In less than 5 minutes you will be reconnected to the fascinating divine feminine being that you are.

  • Derived straight from the video course, these will become familiar and easy to reccollect. 

"Through the intimacy sisterhood, I have come to see myself in a whole new divine light."

Compassion and love are two of my strong suits... That is, for everyone else but myself! I am my own worst enemy! I have this bright light inside me that is bursting to shine out but my insecurity, self-doubt, and negative self-talk keep me in-hiding. When Melisa came into my life, I was seriously struggling to love myself, and it was obvious to anyone close to me. I had major hesitations to signing up for Melisa's course because of money and belief in myself. It was not at all on my radar. I was so buried in myself that I couldn't see the miracle sitting right in front of me! I am so grateful I took the leap! Sometimes those leaps of faith can be terrifying (and this one was!), but the reward is worth the risk! Through Melisa's coursework and guidance, and my willingness to give it my all, I have come to see myself in a whole new divine light. I now recognize my worth, and I have a whole arsenal of resources to support me in uncovering my purpose. I am opening a new chapter in my life where I can become who I am meant to be, unrestrained, as I harness my own divine power.

- Sarah R., AZ, Stay-at-home Momma and Beauty Confidence Mentor

session 0.1 Desire

What do you REALLY want? You are here, drawn to this circle for a reason. It is time to dig deeply into what you desire. It is time to get into the creators seat in your life. Ignite your power and stop waiting for joy to happen to you, waiting for intimacy to happen to you, waiting for someone else to give you permission to desire what you desire, and RECEIVE what you desire.  This is your life! GO GET IT!!!

session 1 

radiant Heart

The world is constantly pulling at us in every direction, telling us what is important.  In this session, you learn to take your hand back, place it on your own heart, and discover what is deeply meaningful to YOU.  Your own heart IS your most reliable source of wisdom and truth. With this grounding in your values, the entire world looks different. 

session 2

radiant vulnerability

Radiant Vulnerability Go more powerfully into feelings and values than you have EVER done in your enitire life. Whether you don't let yourself feel, OR you think you have a decent handle on feelings, this will blow your mind. Without this secret, our words and thoughts are cloaked in judgements and we are unable to clearly understand OR articulate to another individual what is REALLY going on with us.  WITH this secret, we find tenderness and warmth in all our relationships. 

session 3 

Radiant awareness

Radianty Awareness Whether it's, "I'm not good enough," or "I'm all alone," there is a program running that is causing you to see things with a lens of distortion in your life.  What was true for you ONCE, as a child, has now become a truth that you subconsciously carry in your back pocket.  Time to uncover those pesky beliefs so we can love ourselves through them, and create a new reality.  By seeing deeply into yourself, and cultivating compassion there... you and a million times more capable of doing the same with the people you love. 

session 4

radiant character

Radiant Character Things are not the way you dreamed they would be, sometimes you find yourself just stunned at the way life has played out.  But the worst effect these lost dreams have had, is the way that we have said NO to our own desires and needs... and YES to everyone elses.  It doesn't have to be this way. In this session, you give yourself full-permission to DREAM, and to WANT WHAT YOU WANT...then watch as a win/win unfolds for everyone involved.  

session 5

radiant creativity

Radiant Creativity You no longer have anymore time or tollerance for the story "nothing ever goes my way."  Let that one fly into the wind, and land here, with this beautiful practice to burst into totally NEW ways of thinking of and living your life!  YOU are the CO-CREATOR of your life and relationships! 

session 6

radiant joy

Radiant Joy You have functioned so long shaming and shoulding yourself into some other version of yourself.  It hurts! And WHO YOU ARE, is ENOUGH! Who are you REALLY? Ultimately, YOU are unlimited possibility! Let your feelings, values and desires MAGNETIZE you forward into the intimate reality only you have the power to create. 

"The Intimacy Sisterhood is my constant Wise-Woman availability."

Today, because of group coaching with Melisa, I am not even triggered by things that would have grabbed my heart, brought me to tears and made me feel bad, not good enough, and guilty as a mother and wife... I feel so much more aware of my positive feelings and I recognize a sense of self-forgiveness and a confidence that wasn't there before.  This intimate space means a whole lot to me and I am so grateful for it.

- Sarah T., LA, Stay-at-home Momma


Im not married or in a significant relationship, is this course appropriate for me?

YES! Intimacy is a way of being and the principles in this course will help you with ALL of the relationships in your life!

My spouse doesn't think we need to work on the relationship, but I want to. Is this course appropriate for me?

YES! It is amazing when hubbies are super involved in their wife's work, of course! BUT it is NOT necessary for you to experience the transformations you are seeking. Regardless of what anyone else does, you are in charge in your life and can create the joy and intimacy you desire.

What is the time commitment?

1 hour/week for the Unleash Your Heart Course, and 1 hour /week for live group coaching.  Including application of principles and participation in the online forum, it will be around 2.5 hours/ week.  

How will you be able to meet my specific needs when there are other women in the group?

You will set your own unique outcomes that you would like to get out of the course and there are ample supports in place to guide you alone toward your specific desire.  Whaever you uniquely bring to the table, is what we will work with and shift!